Video Game Composer

David Wise in his own words:

*I am a British Video Game Composer – known for my work on the Donkey Kong Country series. I started writing music in my early teens on the piano at my parents’ house.

I started to plat the piano from around 7 years old and had lessons until I was around 11. Then I moved on to the Trumpet, but by 13, I had moved on to the drums. Now they make a huge amount of noise. I also started leaning the guitar from the age of 16 and later Saxophone in my early 30’s.

I started writing music for video games when I was 19, having met Tim and Chris Stamper in a music shop. This would be the start of a very fruitful working relationship with Rare Ltd. My first video game was Slalom – and that’s also when I started to get interested in Ski-ing – but that’s another story

The first console I composed music for was the Nintendo NES. I composed many titles including Time Lord, Snake Rattle and Roll and the Wizards and Warriors series.

I then moved on to the SNES – to compose many more soundtracks, such as Battletoads, and later Donley Kong Country. I went on to compose the music for many other popular video games, such as Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 and Starfox Adventures on the Game-Cube.

I eventually left Rare in 2008 and had a year off – before returning to the Nintendo Franchise of Donley Kong Country – Tropical Freeze.

I am now very fortunate to work as a freelance contractor – so I get to work on a multitude of games on many platforms. I worked on Yooka-Laylee with Grant Kirkhope and Steve Burke – a 3D platform game, with a nod to previous Rare N64 games. And more recently – the very charming Snake Pass from Sumo Digital.*

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