Creative Director in Moment Factory

As Creative Director, Catherine Turp is responsible for guiding the team and maintaining the artistic integrity of every project she works on. Her breadth of experience allows her to conceptualize and design exciting multimedia experiences, ensuring that they stand on solid technical.

She has background in new-media art, video editing and broadcast media which has lead her to have rigorous worth ethic and understanding of the value of her client’s time.

Catherine received her B.A. in Art History for the Université de Montréal and pursues ongoing studies in Cultural Management at HEC Montréal. She joined Moment Factory as Assistant to the Creative Director in 2010 and Manager of Content Team, workings hands-on with leadership role as an Creative Director in 2014.

Projects she has worked on include some of Moment Factory’s most ambitious, including a large-scale permanent installation at Los Angeles Airport. Catherine excels in long-range planning, and her willingness to take her artistic vision seriously has given Moment Factory some of its most effective and innovative work.

Participation in El Festival:

  • Master Class: Creative Consistency | More