• Awane Jones | Zone 3: Pioneer Company of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to develop immersive experiences for clients and brands.
  • Carlos Ruiz | Toon Boom, software company specializing in animation production software.
  • Etienne Boivin y Karla Franco | Lamajuere: A sound recording studio specialized in advertising, post production and voice over recording.
  • Oliver Rakoto | ON Animation, animation studio with participation in international cinematographic productions such as El Principito and Moana .
  • Francis Bousquet | Gourouweb: Digital design and web company.
  • Louis Leclerc | Pixel Quebec: Association that develops training and international connection events. They perform Pixel Challenge and Cartoon Connection Quebec.
  • Diego García | LOJIQ: Organization responsible for promoting young stays around the world, to form and establish network connections.
  • Víctor Davila, in charge of the Quebec Delegation in Mexico.

There are to speakers in the Quebec Delegation:

  • Laurent Abecassis | Di-o-matic | More
  • Francisco del Cueto | Toon-Boom | More