Director of Technicolor-India / Executive Director of MPC-Bangalore / India

Biren Ghose is the Country Head for India for Technicolor, a US $5+ billion arts and sciences leader involved in technology and services for the media & entertainment industry. The company is unparalleled in "crafting visual experiences on any screen". He believes the digital world of content creation is about fusing new tech with the best creative talent.

He has championed Technicolor India to become a primary global hub for:

ANIMATION: Kung Fu Panda; Penguins of Madagascar; Alvin & the Chipmunks & Teenage Ninja Turtles and many more. 7 Emmy awards speaks to that success.

VFX: Biren is Executive Director of MPC Bangalore - here he spearheads MPC Film and Advertising - studio won the VFX Oscar in 2017 for Disney's The Jungle Book; following the 2013 Oscar for Life of Pi; plus several nominations and accolades several other projects The Martian; Revenant: Batman vs Superman; Spectre; Godzilla; X-Men; Guardians of the Galaxy; Pirates of the Caribbean; Harry Potter; Fast & Furious 7; etc

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