Chief Technical Officer(CTO) at Toon Boom Animation / Quebec, Canada

Francisco Del Cueto has been leading the Research and Development team as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Toon Boom Animation for 14 years. This Canadian software company is the world leader in animation and storyboarding software. For over 20 years, Toon Boom solutions have been at the core of hundreds of recognized animated films and productions - from The Simpsons to Winnie the Pooh.

Worldwide customers include Walt Disney Animation, Rovio Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox Animation, Nelvana, and OLM Inc. In Mexico specifically, Anima Studio, Mighty Animation and Huevo Cartoon are among many of its customers. Everyday, millions of people see animation created with Toon Boom software. Francisco and his team continue to drive innovation in animation technology, serving a wide range of industries that produce content for games, advertising, mobile, film and TV episodic.

Francisco is based in Montreal, Canada, and travels extensively to meet the diverse needs of a global animation market. Toon Boom has been awarded numerous awards including Primetime Emmy® Engineering Awards for its software, recognizing its significant influence in the industry.

Participation in El Festival:

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