Director, Mandaraka Creative Studio

René Castillo is a Mexican animator specialized in Stop Motion, who has won over 100 international awards with this shorts.

Born in Mexico City in 1969, he has developed almost his entire career in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In 1998 he did with Antonio Urrutia the short film called “Sin Sostén” (Without support) which won the Ariel (Mexican Academy Award) for best Animated Short and a nomination for the Palm D’Or in Cannes. Afterwards, he copro-duced, wrote, animated, and directed “Hasta los huesos” (Down to the bones, 2001), which won 60 Awards around the world, including 3 Awards in Annecy.

Then he found Mandaraka, a creative studio where he has worked for clients such as Jumex, Bimbo, Cartoon Networks, Kellogg's, Ebay, GNP, Sesame Street, Warner Bros., MAD TV, among others. Since 2013 he is directing the animated film Thingdom: The Kingdom of Things, wich be released in 2018.

Participation in El Festival:

  • Work in Progress: Thingdom: The Kingdom Of Things | More