Brad Bird | USA, 1999 | 87 minutes

Hogarth Hughes, a nine year old boy, makes friends with an giant robot that came from space. Kent Mansley, a paranoid agent arrives in town determined to destroy the giant at all costs. Enjoy again this classic animated film.

Screening: Thursday 7, 20:30 hrs. | Cine Morelos, Sala Principal

About the director:

Brad Bird is an acclaimed director, as well as scriptwriter, producer and animator. At an early age and was mentored by Milt Kahl, one of Disney's legendary Nine Old Men. He was part of one of the earliest graduating classes of the California Institute of the Arts alongside John Lasseter and Tim Burton. He worked as an animator for Disney and wrote the screenplay for Batteries Not Included (1987). He was a creative consultant on The Simpsons at the beginnings of the show. Iron Giant is his first feature film. After that, he wrote and directed The Incredibles and Ratatouille, among other films, and he has collaborated on numerous film, television and video game projects. He is currently directing The Incredibles 2