Éric Summer & Éric Warin | Canadá / Francia, 2016 | 89 minutos

Félice, an 11-year-old orphan girl, dreams of becoming a dancer, so she tries to escape from the orphanage where she leaves with the help of her friend Victor, to travel together to Paris, where she intends to enter To the famous school of Ballet located in that city.


Friday 8, 17:00 | Cine Morelos, Sala 1 Sunday 10, 12:30 | Cine Morelos, Sala 1

About the directors:

Éric Summer: Born in French Brittany, Summer is a self-taught writer and director. He began his career producing commercials and corporate videos. In 1998 began to direct TV shows, but in 2001 moves to Montreal where he decides to focus on scriptwriting. A French publisher offers to publish a graphic novel of one of his scripts, Angeline. In 2008 he is invited back to direct television so he continues his career in it. In 2016, however, he releases his first animated feature, based on a written story after meeting designer Eric Warin, who is co-director of the film.

Eric Warin: Born in France, Eric is a designer who has had inroads into the animation industry doing character design and storyboard. In 2009 he directs a short film: Alex and the ghosts, after which he embarks on the development his first feature film that codirige with Summer.