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This year we will have two payment methods: Paypal and cash in Oxxo stores.

For international visitors we recommend using the Paypal alternative unless you are in Mexico you can pay in cash at Oxxo.

In order to pay your Passport, you must follow these steps:

1. Sign up

In the upper right side of your screen, there's a button that says "Ingresa" (Sign in).

2. Go to the option “Buy passports”

In the upper right side now the Sign in option change to “My festival”. Click than option and then select “Buy Passports”.

3. Select the Passport you wish to purchase.

Find info about the kind of access granted by each Passport here.

4. How to buy your Passport.


  • Choose the Paypal option and click "Pay".
  • Write the email that you want to assign to each passport that you buy.
  • You will be sent to Paypal to make your payment.
  • Once Paypal notify us about your payment, the system will validate your Passport and allow you to register to activities, once the registration system is opened.

5. Reserve your seat in the activities

Some activities of the Festival (notably the workshops) have limited seating. To better manage access, a mechanism for registration activities is enabled.

Questions? email us at