Accreditations (Pasaportes)

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Accreditations (Pasaportes)

There are four different Passes to get access the Festival:

Pasaporte Pantallas

Gives yoy access to Screening program.

Cost: 300 pesos for all Festival

Pasaporte Feria

Gives you access to the programs under Screenings and all the activities at the Fair.

Cost: 1,500 pesos for all Festival | 600 pesos for 1 day

Pasaporte Foro

Forum Passport gives you access to the above, and in addition to the conferences that take place in the main auditorium of the event (Keynotes, Panels and Master Classes).

Cost: 3,000 pesos for all festival | 1250 pesos for 1 day

Pasaporte Mercado

Market Passport gives you access to all of the above, and in addition to exclusive activities of the Summit: master classes, workshops, panels with executives; B2B meetings between participating delegates.

The passport includes 4 meals prepared by Mexican chefs, to choose in the five days of the festival, as well as open bar, and exclusive parties with guests.

Cost: 700 US Dollars

Important: Please note that each Passport includes access to the activities described. Transportation or accommodation fees are not included.